Welcome to Shared Living NZ

Shared living accommodation in Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch.

New to the city? Looking for privacy and independence? After like-minded people to socialise with? Our shared living residences are suitable for single adults and couples looking for a secure and friendly place to call home. 

As a resident in one of our shared living properties, you will enjoy exclusive use of your room, many of which are available with ensuite bathrooms, and share communal lounge, dining, kitchen and laundry facilities with other long-term residents. Kitchen facilities have been designed with multiple users in mind. Some residences offer TV lounges and co-working spaces for additional comfort.

Every resident agrees to a set of house rules to facilitate co-living and ensure that all residents are treated with respect and consideration. Each property has one or two people on-site who help with management, but you are generally left to live uninterrupted as in your own home. 

All rooms come fully furnished, including your personal fridge/freezer. Rooms are well maintained, and the properties are clean and warm. For those rooms without ensuite bathrooms, there are plenty of bathroom facilities ensuring that there is rarely a wait for a shower.

Your rent includes power, water, heating, and internet, providing you with an easy one-payment option for your housing expenses. Common areas are cleaned weekly, but tenants are expected to keep their own rooms clean and sanitary and tidy up after themselves. Meals and linen are not supplied.

Moving-in costs include the equivalent of one week rent as bond plus two weeks rent in advance. No letting fee applies.

Residents are typically mature, working adults looking for a quiet place to call home. Shared Living NZ offers medium to long term accommodation for a minimum three-month stay.

If this sounds like you, please apply.